Our Story


KD Hong Kong Group strives and committed to achieve excellent dining experience for our customers and is humble & honored to be nominated and awarded one of the Most Emerging Enterprise in 2016.

Most Emerging Enterprise
Ministry of Finance Malaysia

En Route To The Future

KD Hong Kong Restaurant, with its persistence and demand for quality, has brought Hong Kong’s authentic cuisine flavor to Malaysia after a long period of innovation and research and development.

The interior decoration of the shop adopts the most fashionable and personal style, among the best quality of the ingredients, and the affordable meals, making you feeling like at home. All sauces and practices in the shop are authentic Hong Kong cuisine. All kinds of rice, noodle, soup and porridge and Hong Kong snacks are specially prepared.

KD Hong Kong has always been adhering to the principle of “customer first”, with its new model and unique business philosophy, combined with the trend of the food, to provide consumers with a comfortable environment.

Let food lovers and fashion lovers like you, find memories of Hong Kong, taste the fusion of various cuisines and experience classic food life.

Mission and Vision Statements

The Mission

Strive to provide excellent Hong Kong style dining experience to our customers.

The Vision

We passionately envisage in creating a trending & successful KD-Chinese food excellence & delicacies culture in Malaysia.

Become one of the most desired Hong Kong style restaurant chain in Malaysia and overseas.

Our Track Record & Experience

Managing Director

Oversees overall business plans & operations.

Manage business’s P&L, financial budget and spend.

Plan and execute good human resource, food quality, great customer experience & value added services.

Master Chef

Oversees kitchen’s operation, food sourcing & hygiene.

Responsible for menu planning.

Responsible for recipe standardization.

Cost control on food.

Food presentation.

Operation Director

Ensures high standard of food & beverages delivery, customer services & overall cleanliness

Human resource management.

Staff management.

Overall operational planning.

Marketing Director

Food presentation.

Lead all marketing and advertising activities.

Joint co-operation with media promotion & marketing.

Explore expansion & collaboration opportunity.

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